Capturing a moment through a single photograph is a talent as well as an art form. Looking at the body work from a professional photographer, you are able to see their passion for the art right from their personal point of view. Their goal is to capture your personality and tell a story or evoke emotion with one single frame. Thomas Henn and Tammy Henn-Campbell at TH Photographic Studio are able to do just that.

TH Photographic Studio is located in Hampstead, NC on a 2.5 acre property. This father, daughter team both are both Certified PPA Master Photographers with more than 36 years of combined experience. They cater to the  North Carolina locations of Hampstead, Topsail, Surf City and beyond. No matter your location, with TH Photographic Studio all your professional photography needs will be met.

Thomas and Tammy possess wide-ranged skill sets that have gained them respect in the industry. As versatile photographers, their specialties include high school portraits, family photography, wedding photography, drone photography and more. They have produced stunning portrait and commercial photography that can be seen through their websites and Facebook. The stunning clarity and expression of their photographs keep clientele coming back for more.

If you are looking for exquisite wedding photography, drone photography, commercial photography and more in North Carolina, look only to the professionals at TH Photographic Studio. There is much to be said about their photographic accomplishments, but the photographs truly speak for themselves.