Photography is about capturing a small moment in time and in some cases, that exact condition can never be duplicated again. It’s like a blink of an eye in the whole perspective of life. Yet when that camera shutter release is pushed, you want the picture to tell a story when viewed. These Fine Art wall pieces are part of a collection that includes of first and second generation photographers. They will enhance any wall they are displayed on.

Thomas Henn has been photographing for over 25 years. Thomas Henn is a PPA Certified Photographer and holds both Master of Photographer and Photographic Craftsman Degree. Being able to do what you enjoy makes it easy to create images for your clients on a daily bases.

Tammy, the daughter of Thomas is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Photography, holds a Master of Photography Degree and is PPA Certified. Tam loves to make small children laugh and have fun during their time with us. It’s hard to tell who is having more fun when she is creating these wall portraits.

Tom C. Henn, earned his PPA Photographic Masters Degrees in 2008, is a graduate of the Art Institute Denver, with a degree in photography. Commercial, interior and architecture is his passion and seeing it from a different point makes clients very satisfied and happy.

This family of photographer’s has been recognized by the Professional Photographers of America, Kodak, Fuji, along with various states and regions for their international award winning photographs.